Neufreistadt expands to Colonia Nova

After a bit over a month of intense building, as well as almost a year of careful planning, Neufreistadt just announced today that a second sim was formally opened to the public under the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) — Colonia Nova, a Roman-themed sim, also under the same democratic government of the CDS.

More information can be found on the official site for Neufreistadt or at the Colonia Nova Blog.

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  • Extropia DaSilva

    Hi Gwyn!

    A while ago, I happened to catch a radio broadcast dedicated to cyberspace culture. The respected Neuroscientist Dr Susan Greenfield worried for a generation glued to the screen. (What follows is paraphrased but it does capture what she actually said).

    ‘These kids staring at the screen cannot possibly be engaging the emotional centres of their brains. They are exercising pure logic. It is not possible to learn about abstracts like the democratic process in these games’.

    Congrats, Doc, it takes an intellect of brain surgeon proportion to produce a soundbite that gets it so wrong on so many levels;)

    Anyway, must dash, gonna go stare at Grand Theft Auto for hours upon hours.

    Extro DaSilva- now believes she is Tommy Vercetti and was last seen cruising in a car, guns a-blazing.