Prokofy Neva reveals the Big Announcement for SL5B: the FIC 2.5 list is out.

And guess what, almost everybody is in it!


Dilbert characters are by Scott Adams and ©2008, United Feature Syndicate, Inc. Mashup created under the Collaborative Content License of The Official Dilbert Website terms, from where the above images originated. The inSL logo is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc. Definitely no infringement is intended; it’s just a parody from a fangirl of both Scott Adams and Linden Lab 😉

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About Gwyneth Llewelyn

I’m just a virtual girl in a virtual world…

  • I love Dilbert!

  • I cried myself to sleep the night I found out that I didn’t make the FIC list /again/ this year. Srsly. *dramatic sniffle*

    I guess he either thinks I’m not kool-kid-jock-cheerleader-insider-dope enough, or else that I didn’t get to my oh-so-lofty position by pulling strings and banging Lindens left and right.

    Oh well, there’s always next year…

  • LOL

  • I’m working on another list, which means thumbing through blog after endless blog of Prok prose and adding everyone who does not get the usual arrogant and insulting replies even when in agreement.

    I think I’ll call it the SLOP-list: Sycophants List Of Prokofy. And I mean SLOP in the 7th definition given by Repulsively effusive writing or speech; drivel.

  • He included me but didn’t spell my name right. I guess that’s even worse than not being included.

    I can feel my star sinking … 🙁

  • “Why is, Gwyn’s blog, on the HOT SPOT HEADLINES when she’s been banging on the Lab ferociously lately, and isn’t cultivating her act for FIC 2.5?” AHAHAHAH guess you’re having some really bad influences from some radicals, hey, Gwyn? 😉

  • I’ve been experimenting with feeding dadadodo, a Markov-chain based “travesty generator”, extensive samples from Second Thoughts. The results rival the original:

    “I got to have an outrage to prevail”
    “The geek told, the amateur told me, that nobody is just FUD.”

  • Gwyneth you’re fic 2.0 and you know damn well the Lindens take note of your opinion.

  • Marianne McCann

    Drat, I did’t make it. I’ll jes hafta try harder for FIC 3.0