“Boudoir Rouge” — by Codebastard Redgrave

Gwyneth Llewelyn at Boudoir Rouge“And now for something completely different”, as the Monty Python would say.

CodeBastard Redgrave, scripter extraordinaire, blogger supreme (her blog is #2 according to SocialStatus), recent winner of the “AvaStar of the Year 2007” award, having her picture hang up at Linden Lab’s HQ and definitely an excellent photographer & Photoshopper, is now fast becoming one of the most entertaining and fun people that I had the privilege to meet in the past few years through Second Life 🙂

She has challenged me to do a photoshooting session for her Flickr project, “Boudoir Rouge“. The purpose? Getting as many SLebrities as possible to pose in lingerie. The cause? Well, I’ll let her announce it on her own; suffice it to say that a well-known charity is in mind. Right now, she’s trying to get as many people to pose for her and post the pictures on Flickr to raise awareness.

Needless to say, expect to spend a hilarious hour or so with her in case you accept her challenge — she’s soooo funny 🙂 As my personal revenge, I kept making faces at the camera (thanks to an expression-changing HUD by YadNi Monde) so she really had to take a billion of pictures and throw away the ones that I had spoiled 🙂

After a lot of work, this was the picture she chose to publicly humiliate me in lingerie, shocking dozens of viewers everywhere and resulting in masses of IMs and emails in protest — or lechery.

Ah. Not really 🙂

Well, the whole point was to raise awareness, and this is certainly getting some — at least on Flickr.

Aimee, if you’re reading this, you’re next 🙂

[UPDATE February 1, 2008] Take a look at Codie’s new article, where she explains what will happen to the images she has been taking!

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