OpenSim Physics Engine Beats Linden Lab’s Havok

It’s not “news” but it shows how quickly the rate of progress has been on the OpenSim side of development. This video illustrates how “physical joints”, once the delight of SL, were re-introduced in OpenSim with merely a patch.

Linden Lab has long since abandoned joints, well before the upgrade to Havok 4, because they were “too difficult to implement” and not worth the trouble “because so few people used them”. Still, for some specific applications, you can imagine how fun they can be!…

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  • Hey Gwen. The progress we are assisting, is really amazing.
    I think the main difference, and advantage, is that openSim does not have a “OpenSim Phisycs Engine”, but a lot of them under developement.

  • Ah yes, Rui, true… the video doesn’t tell which one, so I suspect it’s a patch on Open Dynamics Engine.

  • The engine used in the movie is the NINJA Physics, and you can see about it here

  • Ranma Tardis

    What lawsuit? Is Linden Labs trying to shutdown opensims?

  • Not that I’m aware of… it wouldn’t make any sense, now that LL is going ahead to make the SL protocol an open Internet standard by the IETF.