I’m reading Snow Crash for the first time (please, no spoilers!) but I’ve already seen the many references that ‘inspired’ some of Second Life®’s quirks.

One of them are the “low resolution avatars”. Well, the fun is that SL sometimes loads avatars with a slow connection with “grey textures”. Sometimes, missing images.

And most of the time, the dreadful Ruth, which you can’t even change unless you relog.

Well… the creative designers at LL came up with a new cool idea. It’s a cloud that replaces your avatar until the shape is available! I saw it first on the Beta Grid but with the new release candidate, it was launched on the main grid as well.

Here is how it looks:

Very funny 🙂 Now let’s see if people get used to it. I personally love it, it makes things more surreal, even if some will obviously prefer being Ruthed!

Sadly, the new Release Candidate 7 was just removed (too many people have complained with problems). If you were part of the lucky crowd (I certainly was!) you’d have seen a tremendous boost in performance and rendering quality. Suddenly my avatar was correctly rendered without a Facelight. Or perhaps I was just dreaming… but everything seemed fantastic!

Ah well. Definitely, dramatic improvements are waiting around the corner! I’m eager to wait for them…

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