Survey on religion in the Second Life world

Neufreistadter KircheSecond Life® residents all log in to Second Life for different reasons, and Soren Ferlinghetti is launching another survey to find out a bit more about the residents’ view of religion in Second Life.

The intriguing aspects of Soren’s survey is how exactly Second Life, as an “alternative” environment — there is good reason why we have “avatars”, manifestations of our selves in a virtual environment — relate to “physical” religions.

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  • I never made it past the second question, where the survey creator’s bias became obvious. I won’t waste my time giving my opinion to someone who writes such slanted questions.

  • robert

    huh. what bias is that, exactly?

    i’d kinda like to know, since i wrote the survey. it’d help me to write my next book if i knew what i’m supposed to say. 🙂

  • Alesia Markstein

    I suspect #1 meant the “assume for the sake of argument that at least one earthly religion is valid.” He probably wants the atheist perspective represented.

  • robert

    well, had he continued he would have found that i ask for each individual’s religious beliefs and atheism is represented there. in question two, the point is to figure out how SL religions relate to earthly religions. in order to ascertain how each individual considers them, you have to assume the validity of at least one religion. i’m not any good at writing surveys but the question that GM hated so much is a far better question how i wrote it than how he apparently would have liked it written!