Creative as a Furry!…

Selkit Diller's NoosphereIf there is, indeed, a stereotype that you can apply to furries, is that they are all immensely creative. At least, in my journeys across the grid, I never met one that wasn’t. I guess it’s just the way they’re wired in their brains 🙂

Among the furry friends I’ve got, however, one is definitely masterclass-creative. Master Selkit Diller has created scenes for computer games, and he’s a genius at creating immersive environments that are astonishingly low-lag (“it’s all about knowing how to use textures properly“) and often low-prim too.

When he’s bored, or between projects for clients, he tweaks his own sim (Noosphere Prime), which is joined to the FurNation mini-continent (where her has done a few buildings too). Noosphere Prime is an alien planet where most things are interactive, although not obviously so (try flying on one of Selkit’s hover vehicles and fire to the ground at several structures… you’ll see what happens to some of them). Myra Loveless has also helped Selkit do some special effects and sounds (creaking noises from stressed metal cables and such).

Oh yes. That’s what Selkit does when he’s bored. You cannot imagine what he can do when he’s not 🙂

Pictures below the break!

… however, nothing like visiting Noosphere Prime on your own and experience it with the eerie default lights set on the sim. The pictures simply cannot express how good this actually looks!

Selkit Diller's Noosphere #2
Selkit Diller's Noosphere #3
FurNation Auditorium
Noosphere Skimmer

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