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Towards a National OpenSimulator Grid

A bit over a month ago, Andabata Mandelbrot, addressing a Portuguese-speaking audience, launched an interesting challenge: let national OpenSim grid operators join forces together into a single OpenSim grid. Simple as that. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for OpenSim users and operators. After all, isn’t “joining forces” what OpenSim […]

Hypergrid 1.5: Building the Metaverse, one grid at a time

Linden Lab has announced at the SLCC their continuing support of the open source efforts: the launch of Snowstorm, the project for a new viewer (based on the Snowglobe 2.X codebase) which will get Lindens and third-party volunteer developers working much, much closer together to develop what Philip Linden hopes […]

Google’s Ultimate Mashup, The End of Web 2.0, and More Metaverse Wannabees

Congratulations to Google — after the announcement of Google Wave, we can finally close the chapter on Web 2.0, or, rather, Web 2.0 Release Candidate. We’ve finally left 2.0 behind to enter the dramatic new age of Web 2.1. You might say to yourself, “oh no, this is just another […]

OpenSimulator: The Choice for 2010

With Google Lively out of the picture, and an uncertain future for “new” virtual worlds to be launched in a world gone insane with the perceived financial crisis, it’s natural to ask over and over again, if there is an alternative to the Second Life® virtual world platform, what it […]