Updating your social websites status from inside Second Life


If, like myself, you have no time and patience to keep updating all your dozens of social websites — from Twitter to Plurk to Facebook to FriendFeed, to your status on MySpace, Plaxo, Friendster, LinkedIn, or whatever becomes big next — you have certainly faced the following problem: you’re in SL, there is something you positively wish to tell, but all your friends and acquaintances are all over those websites. And to reach them all, you need to log in to 12 or 20 different sites, or install dozens of applications, all at the same time juggling with SL swallowing up all your CPU and memory.

A mess!

Fortunately, at least two services have been around to help you out. The first one that was launched was Ping.fm, and recently came out of beta. The other one is HelloTxt. Both do pretty much the same thing. You log in to any one of those, and “connect” it to your multiple websites. Then you just send a message to them, and it will update your status on all of them, smoothly and peacefully, and don’t need to bother to ever log again to your myriad sites — let your friends and acquaintances follow you on the one they prefer 🙂

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