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On the multi-cultural environment of Second Life

I wrote a short article on meta-culture and the multi-cultural environment in SL for a new blog/magazine for Portuguese speakers called “Convergences Magazine”. It’s an intriguing project by Gper Aeon and Gabriela Pinelli, mixing art, culture, and philosophy about and around Second Life. If you’re fine in reading Portuguese, or […]

Valleywag shuts down but still publishes another doomsday prediction of Second Life

Hiro Pendragon pointed me to the latest bit of Valleywag nonsense, where you can see that once more the End of Second Life® is predicted, falsely claiming that everybody has lost interest in SL except educators. I was angry when publishing the comment which I reprint below (because, well, if […]

Petition to Linden Lab on the Policy of Trademark Enforcement

Introduction Linden Research Inc., a company incorporated in Delaware, United States of America (“Linden”), doing business as Linden Lab®, developers of the Second Life® virtual world platform, owners of not only the Second Life® registered trademark (in the US, Europe, and other countries), and the eye-on-hand logo, but also of […]