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Towards a National OpenSimulator Grid

A bit over a month ago, Andabata Mandelbrot, addressing a Portuguese-speaking audience, launched an interesting challenge: let national OpenSim grid operators join forces together into a single OpenSim grid. Simple as that. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for OpenSim users and operators. After all, isn’t “joining forces” what OpenSim […]

Hypergrid 1.5: Building the Metaverse, one grid at a time

Linden Lab has announced at the SLCC their continuing support of the open source efforts: the launch of Snowstorm, the project for a new viewer (based on the Snowglobe 2.X codebase) which will get Lindens and third-party volunteer developers working much, much closer together to develop what Philip Linden hopes […]

OpenSimulator: The Choice for 2010

With Google Lively out of the picture, and an uncertain future for “new” virtual worlds to be launched in a world gone insane with the perceived financial crisis, it’s natural to ask over and over again, if there is an alternative to the Second Life® virtual world platform, what it […]