… and now DAZ|Studio can be used as well!

At some point, a new version of DAZ|Studio has been announced, and — surprise, surprise! — now it does feature indeed an export-to-BVH feature! And since it loads the “official” Linden Lab avatar mannequins, the resulting BVH files import into SL nicely — as a matter of fact, as easily as with Poser or Avimator.

I have just started doing some simple tests, and I was rather impressed with the way it works, although others have already claimed that DAZ|Studio has some problems on torso manipulations (I hope to be able to report on those as well). One thing I like about DAZ|Studio is the ability to cut, copy, paste and insert frames in the timeline — something that is much harder to do under Poser or Avimator, and something I never understood how professional animators can live without! There are naturally several tricks and workarounds (with a fast enough computer, you can save bits of animations under Poser, and re-import them in the order you wish; on a slow computer — my case! — this takes several minutes and is truly a pain), but I guess people use completely different techniques. Under DAZ|Studio at least it seems to be simple.

I also think that after doing some more experimenting with DAZ|Studio, it’s time to announce to the community there that the 3D content creators registered at the DAZ community have suddenly a brand new market with 300,000 users willing to buy custom animations… maybe the time has come for all those 3D modellers to seriously consider moving into this new market. After all, they’re used to charge very low prices (in US$) for their 3D content; they might get encouraged to produce low-cost animations that can sell in the hundreds or thousands easily using Second Life.

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