Google launches IMVU clone?

Breaking news, Google’s now a player in the virtual world market:

Watch the movie, it looks nice! Better than IMVU, if the movie is any indication of how it works… as a Mac user, I have to try it later though.

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  • So far, it’s pretty clunky, and you aren’t missing much. I would have expected better of Google than yet another IMVU/Meez/whatever clone.

  • Rivers Run Red is taking it pretty seriously, according to Business Wire.

  • I guess Raph Koster is fuming… Google stole Metaplace’s show 🙂

  • … and so does Millions of Us. And I wonder if the Sheep’s announcement that they would be “just doing Flash games on the Web” meant they would just develop for Google’s Lively. Hmm.

  • I just played with it and came away a little disappointed. One of the
    users accurately described it as “Yahoo IM meets Second Life.” It’s
    just a glorified 3D chat facility.

    The avatars are a bit limited in appearance. There is no scripting.
    There is NO user generated content. (They state that they plan on
    introducing that in the future.) Each user can create a “room” and
    invite others to it; but there’s nowhere near the same sense of
    “space” that one derives from Second Life.

    Summary: ho hum.

  • MooncatX

    I think Lively has potential, though it’s waaaay beta now. IMVU was neat when it began but rip off policies are making creators and users so disgusted they are leaving in droves. Lively is limited now but has room for growth. I’ve never tried Meez. I’ll keep an eye on Lively for creator opportunities.


  • swamprats

    How do I make my own 3d script like imvu?

  • First, you take a degree in software engineering. That will take you 3-5 years. Then you start acquiring some experience in programming 3D environments, that’s perhaps another 3-5 years. Working for a company is better, they will set you deadlines and push you hard to deliver working, efficient solutions. Finally you’ll start understanding the concepts that are needed for you to create your own virtual world.

    You will also need a background in 3D modelling, and lots of talent and experience in producing compelling 3D content. Alternatively, you will need to partner with someone who has that kind of experience.

    After that, you need a business model. Unless, of course, you wish only to have some fun with your own virtual world, on your own. But in that case, if what you want is just to have some fun, why don’t you start with something already ready-made, like Second Life, OpenSimulator, or Cloud Party?