Wrong Answer, Mr M Linden

Later, void sims were also used for Linden forests (not that there are so many), and were pretty much unused, except for romantic walks under the moonlight.

For Linden Lab this just meant a way to put those long-term leases of obsolete equipment to work.

Then at some stage the big landowners (the ones with their mini-continents) started to attract the sailing fans, and they came to LL to ask if they could use void sims too. Why not? After all, it couldn’t hurt anybody. Linden Lab cleverly demanded that they buy 4 sims at a time (thus using a full server) and that you could only get void sims if you already owned a “regular sim”. This worked well for LL to keep using those obsolete machines, and now earn a small income from them — they would in fact earn the same from those 4 sims, using old hardware, than from a full, regular sim on new hardware. It was good business.

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