Wrong Answer, Mr M Linden

Why didn’t they simply throw the old, obsolete servers away? Well, very likely — but I’m just speculating — these servers were bought under a long-term agreement. Probably a 24-month or 36-month lease, computers and bandwidth included, and disconnecting the servers would not get LL a refund from their co-location providers. So it would be better to continue to use them, instead of disconnecting them and keep paying the monthly fees. A few of those migrated to the Beta Preview Grid (Aditi), some to the many internal grids, a few others became webservers for tests, but still… a few could be used for low-traffic sims.

At that time, sailing in SL was a huge boom (it is still fashionable; probably there are more people these days who are fans of sailing, but SL is so huge with so much variety that it “feels” the fad has gone. It has not), but you could only manage to sail by the coast, which — thanks to terraforming and huge over-the-ocean platforms and houses — became more and more complicated. “Void sims”, where there are no prims and just a handful of Linden trees, was an interesting solution. It could be used by a handful of sailing enthusiasts at the time (regattas seldom had a huge participation, and when spread across a large area of the “inner sea”, it would mean less than 20-30 ships in each of the “ocean sims”).

They had little practical use. Some very few allowed you to build on them (with an auto-return of several hours), very likely by mistake — I used to go there as an alternative to the Linden Sandboxes. Once I met with a group which was quite amusing. They landed on boats, sported uniforms and weapons, and their leader said something like: “Ok, now we split in two teams, Red Team remains here at this beach, the Blue Team will go to the other side. We’ll work towards the middle and see who captures it first.” For about an hour, I amused myself watching the tiny battle unfold, as the two teams had some fun shooting at each other, until finally a group won. It took less than an hour; they peacefully retreated to their boats and went away. I just smiled. It was one of those little experiences in SL that happen all the time and will be part of my memories.

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