New World Notes With Articles In Portuguese

Hamlet Au, aka Wagner James Au, the oldest journalist writing professionally about Second Life since its earliest days on his blog New World Notes, has just announced that his blog will start adding articles in Portuguese.

It’s still unknown if the articles will be all translated, or if there will be just a selection of translated articles, or a new column with original content (to be written by Tonjampae Amat, a Portuguese journalist writing for one of the largest daily newspapers). For now, we’ll get some translations of major articles.

Obviously this is addressed to the vast Brazilian community in SL (since the Portuguese community is tiny and quite fragmented, each group having its own blog), but with 8 countries having Portuguese as their mother tongue, it’s the first opportunity to get good content from one of the best generic blogs about SL for the ones that can barely read English.

Portuguese is currently the second most spoken language in Second Life so this was definitely a good option.

Way to go, Hammie! All the best for this new initiative 🙂

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