Esoteric immersionism

To you esoterists out there, you can now safely skip over the rest of the article; you’re already familiar with the concepts… you’ll be a very small minority, however, so I’ll have to tackle the rest of the world with my ramblings 🙂

It’s highly likely that among the remaining readers, about 80% will be atheists, and 20% or so will be mildly involved with some sort of spiritual guidance in your lives. Surprisingly, among both groups, the atheists — specially the ones that are both open-minded and very skeptical — will probably remain until the very end. The media commonly portrays esoterism as strange, obscure cults, related to complex symbology and weird rituals, mostly for complete lunatics, serial killers, or anyone with serious psychological problems. It is the very stuff of blockbuster movies and best-sellers. Weirdness exists, and it sells well, but nobody in their right minds would really take it seriously.

(You might have noticed I’m not talking about Second Life any longer! See how I have used similar words though?)

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