Esoteric immersionism

We go to conferences and talk about SL and get laughed at. We talk about it with friends and they shake our heads — or get worried that we’ve just joined a fanatic cult. In fact, here is where the sudden insight from my friend comes into play. The point is, we can’t understand why similarly intelligent and open-minded people simply don’t “get” Second Life, while they waste away their precious employers’ time microblogging on Twitter and Facebook. We’re stumped at how few of our RL friends and familiars actually get into SL and develop a strong relationship with SL like we do. And this has always baffled us. We shrug it away saying that “the interface is too hard” or “they had a bad first experience by bumping into a griefer” or something similar, and ask Linden Lab to do something about it (which, slowly, they do — like getting rid of traffic bots).

But this is not quite what it takes to get more and more people to join SL.

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