What Time Is It?! [UPDATE]

what time is it?

If you don’t know, you’re not alone!

According to timeanddate.com, California is supposed to have followed the rest of the United States in changing to daylight savings time earlier today. However, if you log in to Second Life®, it still shows “PST” (Pacific Standard Time), e.g. the time without daylight savings. For us living on Europe, it’s always a challenge to figure out when the US switches hours, since they (and, well, Canada…) don’t stay in sync with the rest of the world.

But this time I’m even more baffled! If you zoom in the picture above, you’ll see me logging in to Dreamhost, which is also located in San Francisco, California — and their servers definitely changed the time as expected! So… did Linden Lab change the rules? Will they stick to PST forever (and not change to PDT?) and be out of sync with the rest of California for about 34 weeks? Are they in touch with Obama, who might declare Bush’s definition of daylight savings for 2007 and onwards void, and implement a method that keeps the US in sync with the rest of the world?

Or did just someone from the operations team at Linden Lab forget to set the clock to PDT? 🙂

Alas, the plot thickens, and a conspiracy is in progress, I’m sure! Watch out as 2/3 of all SL residents log in for their favourite events at the wrong time, clueless about what time is it now in SL…

[UPDATE] Linden Lab’s Release Candidates and Imprudence don’t suffer from this problem. Apparently, it’s limited to Kirstens Viewer and other non-LL SL clients.

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