Hypergrid 1.5: Building the Metaverse, one grid at a time

On the above video, I mostly wanted to make three points. First, and perhaps the most important point, it works. And it works way better than I imagined. Secondly, that OpenSim, in spite of its insanely fast pace of development, is still very flaky — some might compare it to what Second Life did in 2002 or early 2003: most things work some of the time, but failure is usually catastrophical. And thirdly, we’re slowly getting all the pieces assembled together: with every new iteration of OpenSim, it comes closer to become what people have in mind when thinking of a true Metaverse — lots of virtual worlds, each running independently of each other, but all joined together in a chaotic weave of interconnections between each other. While some of the steps shown on the video might not be very impressive yet, the underlying technology is everything we have been hoping that Linden Lab developed and that we asked from them as early as 2006 or so. It’s more than merely a “proof of concept” or a “nice prototype”: now we can actually use it, even though patience is required — the technology is at the alpha stage, and will remain so for many, many years.

You’ll see that I often stop to type strange links in chat, and then click on them. This is how Hypergrid teleporting is implemented, and it’s viewer-independent; it also works on the SL viewers. For instance, while a link to a sim on LL’s SL Grid is simply secondlife://Beta Technologies/128/128/40 (if you copy this and paste it on your viewer, you can click on the link, and teleport there), for links on OpenSim grids, you just add the grid URI: e.g.
secondlife://opensim.betatechnologies:8002/Beta Technologies/128/128/40
should allow you to teleport from any OpenSim grid with Hypergrid 1.5 to my company’s sim on our own grid. The secondlife: tag just describes the protocol, not the grid. So, yes, there are ways to distinguish grids pretty easily: the login URI is unique for every grid.
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